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I bought these slippers as a birthday present for my husband. He wanted something he could wear outside as well as in the house. He wishes that perhaps they had a little better traction for when winter comes, but otherwise they are just what he wanted. I am very hard on slippers because I wear them like shoes for everything. The Yukons are comfortable and have a nice support to them. I feel relaxed at the end of the day when I put them on. I have only had them a short time so I don't know how long they will last but anything over 9 months is a plus.
I have a couple of problems with my feet and need shoes which are roomy enough. I needed new slippers, and gave these a try. They are great! Fit perfectly and look really nice. I'm very satisfied with them...And with other shoes I've recently bought from KEEN Winterport. In both slippers there is a seam that was rough. I needed to cut off what appeared to be extra adhesive to make the slipper comfortable. The extra adhesive should have been removed at the factory.
This is the third pair of Timber line I have purchased. I knew going in that I needed to order a half size larger than my normal shoe size. Even though the EEE width is not really that wide, the slipper is a GREAT buy. Super comfortable! And I can wear them to run quick errands and not look like I just got up. They also wear extremely well and last a long time. I really like the comfort of this slipper. I had found the opera type leather slippers made my feet sweat but not the Yukon with its terry inner lining. It fits well. I was completely satisfied with my purchasing experience with KEEN. Excellent quality and comfort. More body than a typical slipper but very comfortable and flexible. It also looks good enough to wear as a casual shoe. My 2nd pair of KEEN boots: Perfect fit, I had called every major retailer seeking slippers. None available even close to quality or price expectations. I expect to seek and wear only Timberline boots in the future. The Winterport boots plethora of product and low price and convenience removes all question of how and where to shop. I purchased the  moccasins for my husband, who loves them for their comfort and also for quick trips out to the mailbox or the newspaper box, since they are made with the sturdy soles that allow for these quick trips outdoors. The slippers are well-made and have a neat appearance. Great price and prompt delivery.

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