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I ordered these for my dad for Christmas. When I received them, they were in a quality box, with quality tissue paper. When I peeked inside, I was overwhelmed with the quality appearance of the slipper. They were better than I expected and I knew my dad would love them. I was right and they fit perfectly. He wears them everyday! Be careful of tightening the shoelace, it will break if you pull too hard! We did that, but we had enough left over to still tie. This is a quality slipper and is just what was wanted. Great to find a stylish yet practical (the back doesn't slip down when putting them on) size 14.Can walk outside in them too.
I've been buying moccasins from the local "Indian Store" for several years. Due to the soft sole, they don't last very long when I wear them outside. I was looking for a moccasin type slipper/shoe with more of a tennis shoe type sole so I thought I'd give the L. B. Evans a try. I was not disappointed. They are a quality product with a good fit and quite comfortable. I'll definitely buy them again. Also, the level of service provided by KEEN was excellent.
My husband had such a problem with his feet. He has a hard time wearing shoes without being in severe pain. But I have gotten him several pairs of these Wear around slip on and he wears them as shoes as much as possible. I thought he would like them as slippers but he loves them as shoes. I got a pair of similar shoes last Christmas. I don't wear them with socks and the suede collar chaffed my ankles. The smooth leather collar on this pair is much more comfortable. The indoor/outdoor sole is a must. I'll replace them with the same when they wear out ... in 6 or 7 years! Good Wear Around Shoes after adjustments. I wear a 14 4E. It felt too small so I had to send back my size 14 for a size 15. It was still not wide enough, so I made a big wad of newspaper and stuffed it into the shoe while it was laced up. I left it like that for 3 days. It was wide enough after that.

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