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I have paid much, much more for slippers in the past that were not as comfortable as these at such a reasonable price. They are also very attractive slippers which I can wear outside to pick up the paper, etc. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for smart, comfortable slippers, at a reasonable price. They are very good looking slippers. They are warm and comfortable. I love the outdoor sole so I can run out to get the mail of go to the corner store. I would recommend these to any one that wants a versatile house shoe. his is an ideal slipper, feeling comfortable from the get-go -- and, ideal, also for outside and driving use, saving the trouble of changing footwear. I highly recommend them.
Second pair I've had. Very soft and comfortable. Use them for comfort when driving long trips- easy on the feet. Soles seem to wear a long time. Recommend additional insole inserts for added stability. I have a wide foot and also need extra support or orthotics with shoes. These give you a warm and fuzzy feel and yet gives the extra support that would not come from a soft bottom moc. These are built well! Looks good and I like the lining. Since I have a wide foot I like the fact that they came in width. A 4EEEE would have been even better. I have never heard of the KEEN shoe company, but it appears they have been around for quite a while. I like the sturdy sole. They look better than I expected. For moccasins, they are kind of dressy. Good looking suede. They are also very warm. Ventura shoes might be too warm for summer months, but otherwise they are nice and cozy. They might be a tiny bit short; not a half size short, just a tiny bit.

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