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These are well made and are very comfortable for me. I bought this second pair because the first pair was beginning to look a bit shabby after 2 1/2 years, although the soles were still fine. I wear them all the time in the house but the sole is study and waterproof enough to wear outside when I don't need a proper work shoe.
I bought these for my husband. He put them on with a grin and I have had to remind him that they are slippers, not shoes to wear to work. His words were, "Look good, fit good, feel good." In other words, he is extremely satisfied with them. I ordered this for my husband as house slippers, he is a large man disabled so comfort is very important. They fit wonderfully and are the most comfortable Torino shoes he has ever had. Very well made and handsome enough to wear as a casual shoe, as he does. They are well put together, nice color good sole. I feel that we got more than our moneys worth. For someone as heavy as he is I was very worried but they are not showing any give at all.
This is the third pair of these slippers that I have owned so you can tell that I like them. I'm retired and wear them much of the day so don't be concerned about durability. They are very durable and comfortable. I like the cool looks of the shoe/slipper and the rugged sturdy construction. The only problem is, and maybe this will work itself out once I wear them enough, the tough laces cut into my right foot (which is slightly larger than my left) unless I wear a sock with them. I like to just slip them on to go outside or walk the dog. But right now the laces are a little tough. Other than that I am satisfied and like the looks of the shoe. They are just a little stiff yet.
Wears this shoe: around the house and for light chores outside and walking the dog
I love the flexible indoor/outdoor sole of Torino Sneakers. It saved me because I was able to take the trash out to the curb (in the snow no less!) early one morning when the trash truck awakened me. KEEN is Comfy, warm perfect for me.

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