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I bought this shoe to be able to have a quick slip on with my orthotics. It is hard to find shoes you can slip these into yet look a little nicer that just a gym shoe. I can't wear those fancy sandals, so this is a great alternative. I love my shoes and I love Timberline. These Sienna Ballerina ballet shoes, feel wonderful and are great for summer! Very true to size and width. I had a pair before these and wore them till they almost fell apart. I will definitely be back for more. I previously owned a pair of KEEN and loved the comfort. I discovered your site and ordered two pairs which I am completely satisfied with. I find them to be the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.
This brand of shoes is the most comfortable I have ever owned. I own a couple pairs of the regular sneakers and they are just as comfortable as the slip-ons. This new laceless style takes a getting used to because the shoe stretches as you walk, but it doesn't affect the comfort level. I stand and walk for 4 hours at a time and my feet feel better in KEEN than any other shoe. I highly recommend this brand. I love the sneaker! It's so comfortable and stylish. It also gives a little more height to me than a normal sneaker would give, so for me, that's a plus. Love these shoes!!! My back & knees feel so much better when I wear a sport shoe, but I cannot stand the confinement of shoe laces, so these are a great alternative. I ordered another pair!
I love these shoes, you can wear them for everything. I don't have to bend over to tie my shoes. Easy to slip on and off when entering the house. I am a Nurse that is usually on her feet from 12-18 hours, depending on staffing. I wanted a shoe that I could easily remove, when I had a few minutes for a break, or to sit down and do my patient charts, etc. I also, needed the support when on my feet. I tend to pronate (feet turn in), and needed a shoe to help me with this as well. They were a little tight across the top of my foot on the first day that I wore them. A friend, who also paid much more for this shoe in a department store, informed me to pull on the elastic slightly to adjust the width. It worked and I love them. Thank you Sienna Ballerina, for great prices, free shipping & returns when needed, and a great shoe selection. I could not ask for more. I have been purchasing from your company on a regular basis, over the past 2 years.

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