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My husband has bunions on both feet and has always had trouble finding shoes that are truly comfortable yet dressy. This shoe provides both and is an extremely good fit all around. This shoe continues to be the only style he'll wear (both black and brown). This shoe is like wearing a slipper, it is very light and extremely comfortable. I had a black pair and this pair is the burgandy which looks more brown than burgandy to me. I wear these shoes to work and enjoy wearing them. I have worn this type of shoe for years. I have a difficult-to-fit shoe size (11-B) so most shopping malls and local shoe stores don't carry this size in a dress shoe. I always buy the same type of shoe when my old pairs wear out because I know they will fit and be comfortable.
I like the Riva line and have been wearing it for more than 20 years. My only criticism is that there is too much variation in the construction of the shoe. I always order 8 1/2 E. Of the three previous shoes I had purchased, two fit perfectly and one was about 1/2 too short and 1/2 too narrow. Of the two I just purchased, one pair was just right and the other is about 1/4 to 1/2 too narrow. I don't understand the problem with consistency in production. If it weren't for the fact that other than the old French shriner line there is no competition for this shoe, I would be tempted to try another line.
I was surprised to find that it did not have the same leather sole as the ones I was wearing. I needed a 13 A and this one is fairly close to that size. Could have used the actual A width but these will do. I have worn this KEEN model for at least 15 years. I find it the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. It fits perfectly right out of the box. The leather is soft and "easy fitting"! My only complaint: I wear a 10B and the Riva does not offer this size in all colors and styles. I can (and have) recommended this product as a five star shoe to many of my friends. I've become addicted to the KEEN Richmond last ... and have worn them exclusively for almost six years, now on my fourth pair ... and have the shoe in two colors, brown and black. I'm on my feet 8 - 10 hours per day, and they're the most comfortable shoes I have ever had and are comfortable right out of the box ... always. Richmond Sneakers has the same "last" in their Dancer shoes ... with leather soles and heels ... and they're excellent dress shoes. Those I have in white (for summer) as well as black and brown. There's never any guesswork in ordering ... 11C, case closed! The Florsheim Riva is the only shoe I have been able to wear for years. I have several pairs with the leather uppers in perfect condition but where the soles wore through after about 3 years. For wear, you can't beat them. For comfort- they are like wearing slippers and they wear that way right out of the box. I have had more than one pair of these shoes and I wouldn't switch to another kind. They are so soft and really fit the foot nicely. Even though they are soft, they still have the proper support. I don't mind paying a higher price for something if the quality is there.
These shoes are like wearing slippers. I bought a pair in one color at a retailer, and was never able to find any more till I found Timberline. The price was the good and I now wear this shoe in two different colors. I will buy these again.

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