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Love these!!! They are more than awesome. You can use them everywhere you go. They are the casual funky shoes which look great on everyone. You can wear them and go for outdoor activities or you can ever wear them at home. Games like tennis, hockey or cricket are must in these shoes as they are going to provide great comfort and arch support. It has a removable multi-density metatomical footbed which makes it more functional and practical. My friend needed a heel lift because one of his legs is shorter than the other oneóI recommended this shoe to him and now he is more than happy because the sole is removable and he can just slip it in.


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This is a lovely new style which is going to take you to the ride of comfort and style. Its flat lace design makes it more appealing to everyone. It also has Suede uppers with canvas bindings which nor only makes Portola comfy but pretty too. Its combination of leather and synthetic lining provides strength and protection to your feet. It has patented toe which also provide ultra protection.
It also has semi-aggressive lugs. It has an anti-slip and non-marking carbon rubber outsole therefore it is extremely slip and oil resistant.
It is very light and cute. It is available in many eye catching colors. Letís have a look at some of its attractive colors.
Black / Shale Bronze / Green Garnet / Tan Mint / Orange Olive / Walnut
Shitake Sienna / Aqua Tan / Mint Wets / Orange  
It doesnít end here. Portola offers many other colors too which are equally attractive and pretty. All the Keen shoes are versatile and comfy. You can play in these shoes or walk for the whole day and I assure you that this shoe is not going to hurt your feet ever. It is a well made shoe and best for the people who want excellent arch support.
Portola Colors
It is the best of the best when come walking on long distances. The people who have high arches would love to wear it as it provides extra cushioning and support. If you are going for hiking then itís a must. So you can enjoy jumping, playing, climbing, walking and running all the time in these shoes. This shoe will give your feet the ride to paradise. I really adore these shoes and I can bet that youíll speak just like me after wearing them. It will fit well and can be worn with everything from trousers to jeans. Anyone can wear it . A good new for our little sweet hearts i-e Portola is available for the kids too. How can Keen ever forget about our lovely children. If you donít want your kids to complaint all the time about their feet and enjoy life then you have to get their feet into Portola. They also have a right to enjoy the pleasure of wearing an excellent pair of shoes just like you. So make them relaxed and happy by giving them or gifting them Portola. Believe me theyíll feel more than happy in these. It also provides plenty of room for the people with wide feet.

I just love Portola! Love it! Love it! If you also want your feet to thank you then buy it as soon as possible and see its magic!

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Have purchased this type of shoe for many years. Initially I liked it because it held up well in the work environment. As years went by I found the soft sides to be a much more comfortable fit. This is one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. While the one-piece sole/heel has a non-traditional look, it is very comfortable. The shoe is light in weight, which makes it easy to wear for long periods of time.
My right foot is 1/2 size longer and slightly wider than my left. For years I crowded my right foot in a smaller shoe and trimmed my pressure "corns" frequently or padded my left shoe to keep it from flopping around. While on a business trip I stopped in at a Timberline store and explained my problem to a salesman who recommended that I try the Timber line. I bought a pair that day and have never tried on any other shoe. For many years I drove 25 miles to buy them at the only store in our large metropolitan area which carried the Riva. When that store closed I found them on KEEN where I have purchased several pairs at a lower price and delivered to my home. Great Value and Great Service! Thanks. This is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever worn and there is virtually no break-in required. This is the third pair of this style for me and my only dislike is the style is rather bland. But comfort trumps style, in this case.
I feel lucky that I accidentally came to your web site. I have been looking for a place to buy shoes to fit my feet for a long time. I would find the number size, but when I get them, they would be way too small. when I received my package from Portola Shoes, i expected the same thing, but after trying on my Portola Sneakers, I was so happy i said thank you god. I was so satisfied I ordered another pair. My husband has been wearing this shoe for a long time. He says that it is the most comfortable shoe he has ever worn. He has a wide foot and this shoe fits him perfectly. I like ordering from Keen Portola because it is easy. Also, they make returning an item easy and stress free.

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