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Most of the people now days are working and when work usually involve walking. You are walking at workplace, when you are out for a trip, hiking or picnic and even when you are at home. Shoes play a very important role in your life as you will never enjoy any thing if your feet are hurt or feeling uncomfortable. The right choice of shoes will make your life like living in paradise where your will feel relax, comfy and completely satisfied because your feet are relaxed too. On the other hand if you make the wrong choice then your life will be like hell as your feet will feel sore, hurt or tight. You値l feel tired all the time as your feet are uncomfortable in the tight shoes and in the result you値l get discouraged and motivation level towards everything gets low which is going to affect your performance if you are at work. If you are out with friends then you値l think about going back as soon as possible. You値l feel dull all time. One right selection can change your life forever. Keen is the right choice for everyone. It caters the interest of every member of your family. From the smallest feet or your family to the biggest one will love to be in Keen.


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Napa is another creation of Keen which has stolen the hearts of all people by providing extreme comfort and style. Napa has been designed in two ways. One is Napa shoes that is designed to be worn in all seasons and second is Napa Boots that is especially for the fall/winter season. Lets have a look on the details of both of them.

Black Rum Raisin Seal Brown
Napa is extremely comfortable. You can wear them the whole day and your feet will feel great. It provides a wonderful support. It looks wonderful with everything you wear from trousers to jeans. It is so comfy that you値l feel like walking on the clouds. You feet are never going to complaint as they値l never feel any problem in Napa. It has a very soft and durable nubuck upper which makes it comfortable. It also has leather and woven textile lining which is very cushioning to your feet. It fits great and provides patented toe protection. What else do you want for your feet. Its torsion stability shank and compression molded EVA midsole makes it extremely slip resistant, so you can easily walk on sleek surfaces. Napa offers removable metatomical footbed like other Keen shoes which is very beneficial for the people as you can change them or remove it according to your own choice. Its non marking rubber outsole makes it very durable.its weight is only 10.1 oz only. It is available in three different and eye catching colors.
Napa boot is the extension of Napa shoes. This boot is the perfect one to provide protection, comfort, warmth and durability in winter. Just like Napa shoes it also has a soft unbuck upper which protects you toe. The toe is also protected by potent toe protection. Deboss details are on the upper. Like Napa shoes it also has torsion stability shank. The features of Napa shoes and boots are almost the same, the only difference is that its weight is 10.9 oz which is lesser then other boots. This can be worn when its getting cold outside. While jogging, going out with friends or on hiking. Both of them are very stylish and trendy.
If you want to drag the attention of every one then you have to wear it. Keen always offer you versatile styles and each of its product is worth wearing. If you want a peaceful and relaxed life then make Keen a part of it. It is never going to let you down. It will solve all your problems. Its simple the best!!!!

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KEEN continues its reputation by providing stylish footwear with consistent sizing. Only a very few manufacturers can say the same. Napa has been and will remain one of my favorite shoemakers. This is the most comfortable shoe I've ever had. I've been buying it for years now, and don't see any reason to get anything different. It's good for both casual and more formal occasions. It's easy to walk long distances with it.
I have worn this shoe for years and will continue to as long as it is produced. It gives long wear and wearing comfort and even has a dressy look to it. Currently I have 7 pairs that I rotate. There's no question about this shoe being the best that can be bought. I have worn the this shoe for many years, however; I have been persuaded to pick another brand occasionally and always have uncomfortable problems with them, sometimes not in the beginning but sooner or later they will hurt my feet. I never plan to buy any other shoe than the comfortech shoe from now on. Period!

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