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I bought these shoes to replace a very similar pair made by Rockport that another retailer no longer stocked. I was not disappointed! The shoe is incredibly comfortable; it feels like I'm wearing slippers or socks, yet I'm sporting a very professional look. I wore them for the first time visiting an important client and they really worked well with my suit. I have worn Mystic shoes for a number of years; I have purchased them from Sears, Penny's and other sources, but they have both stopped carrying them, so I went on line looking for them. It was easy to find your outlet, easy to make the purchase, and the items arrived quickly and fully meet my expectations.
I have worn this particular shoe for the past 15 years, ever since my arthritis set-in and it became necessary to find a soft comfortable shoe rather than the traditional wingtips which I had previously worn. It wears well and the soft goatskin finish tends to stay clean and supple. The moccasin design is suitable for both business and leisure. Couldn't find this size of Riva in Canada, your service was outstanding ( 3 days from order to delivery ), faultless. Well done! Have always worn RIVA, most comfortable shoe ever. I was looking for a shoes to give to my husband for father's day and my eyes catches this Mystic sandals...At first I find it expensive but when I received this shoe my husband loves it...Thank you!!! I have worn this style of shoe for years. I have to admit that each time that I buy a pair they feel more and more comfortable and better made. It almost seems like I am walking on a cushion of foam when I wear them. One day about 12 years ago, a clothing salesman slipped on a pair of these shoes while he was fitting some slacks on me. For about 1/2 second, I felt a stab of resentment at his "clothing" me with shoes without my permission, and then I felt the difference from the oxford clunkers that I was wearing that day. These shoes felt like bedroom slippers disguised as dress shoes. I have never worn anything else since, except running shoes for sports and bedroom slippers at night. I shine them up for formal affairs, wear them to the office every day, do my 1 mile walks in them on most days, and when I finally wear them out, I buy another pair. If you want comfort in a dress shoe, this is the one to buy.

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