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I've scoured the stores and web for my husband to find a 5E width shoe that doesn't look like an old man shoe; the Maupin shoes was my saving grace. He says it's very comfortable and a nice looking too. I have worn this stle of shoe for years and it is outstandingly comfortable. Getting it at Keen Maupin price with their excellent service is an added plus. These are the only shoes that I now buy, over and over and over again. They look great, are very comfortable, and have very cushioned soles. You won't go wrong with this one! Bought as a dressier, comfortable shoe, the Riva has met expectations. While comfortable for walking, the sole isn't really wider than the upper, so probably wouldn't do much to resist any ankle twisting such as when encountering a rought spot where walking. Still, a reasonable choice.
Being a diabetic, footwear must fit properly and be comfortable. A good looking classic shoe ia a major plus. I have been purchasing and wearing the Riva for many years. I have the shoes in burgandy, brown and black. The shoes have always provided style, support and comfort. I have worn this shoe for about 10 years and have ordered from shoebuy for five or six years--probably 7 or 8 pair. The shoes have all been the exact same size and the quality is very consistent as well. They are very comfortable.
Wears this shoe: Most of the time. Newest one for dress and older ones for everyday.
Super comfortable loafers. I decided to try a pair of black ones two months ago and they were so fantastic I had to come back and get a brown pair as well. Love these Maupin sandals. Already had a black pair, so my wife ordered the burgundy. I feel like I'm wearing my slippers to work--they are so soft and supple yet provide good foot support for my wide feet. No need to polish these shoes because they retain the original sheen. The Florsheim Riva Shoe is a fantastic wonderful shoe due to fits like a leather glove. The shoe has softleather much like a fine leather glove. Much softerthan most shoe leathers. The fit was true to size and felt great the first time I put them on my feet.I have worn these shoes in the past and knew I would still enjoy wearing them. I received the shoes in atimely manner upon ordering them. I am completely satisfied and will order again when I need more. Thanks.

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