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As always, Shoebuy delivered the merchandise in an efficient manner. Based on my personal experiences, Lisbon shoes have been very hard to find in the retail market. So, I am thankful to have Lisbon Sneakers as another option. This brand of shoe, for me, is a perfect fit and extremely comfortable as well as being a very durable shoe. Also, the bottom of the shoe is virtually impossible to wear out As usual KEEN had the size which no one else had. Also as usual the right shoe in the right color and size arrived as promised in several days. The ease of ordering, the prompt delivery and the free shipping and return make Lisbon the first and only place to go to buy online. I previously had to wear inserts in my shoes due to a heel spur. With these shoes I have no problems and can go all day long without my feet hurting. This is the best shoe I have ever owned. I have a large and narrow foot. I had bought these shoes in the past from a local store however they no longer carry this shoe. I can no longer find a shoe in a size 12B where I live. I was happy to be able to find this particular shoe online. Unfortunately they do feel a little wider however are manageable. I would definitely buy in future.
Having worn KEEN shoes for years, I just needed a new pair and ordered them online. I was very pleased with the quick response and and the exact fulfillment of my order. I've worn Florsheim Riva and a few other models with the same sole design, both lace-up and slip-on, for many years. I estimate 10 pair. They have always been extremely comfortable and the sole is much more slip resistant than the leather soles which come on other dress shoes. My size, 10B, is not to be found in local shoe stores so it's a real treat to be able to find it at Shoebuy and benefit from their extremely good, customer respectful business practices. I'd prefer to buy from Shoebuy over any local option. I have been buying this shoe for the past 10 years. It's fit is very comfortable, and I've never found another shoe of this type that feels this good.

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