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I have a pair of this shoe/slipper that I have worn for 7+ years. I really like them in the winter. They can be worn with or without socks, are warm and have an outdoor sole. I just ordered my second pair.
was visiting a friend in Anchorage and she had Growler boots, which I borrowed during my visit. Upon leaving, I purchased a pair and have worn them every day of every winter since. There is a worn place above the right big toe so I'm buying three more to replace that one pair. They are very warm and can easily be worn with big, wool socks or barefooted. KEEN are my winter Croc sandals.
My mother's feet can be very sensitive and prone to pain just upon touch. Her Growler lasted 9 years until a hole over the right toe developed. I ordered a replacement pair for her and got a pair for myself. I'm living in them this winter.
Wears this shoe: As soon as I get home from work until bed and to get the paper or mail.
I have had Growler style before, and find the quality to be consistent. They are well made, comfortable, and A good value. They last A long time, (of course, depending on use) and A pair is always in my closet.
This is my third pair of KEEN since 1997. I wear them until my husband says that they are embarrassing. They are the perfect winter shoe. Around the house they are like slippers, but you can easily slip them on for a run to the market or mall. I'm a very busy mother of three. I need a shoe that goes on easily, provides support, and looks good. Growler clogs meets all of my requirement.
Haflingers are getting harder to find, but they are the most versatile, comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I wear them all the time until they die (4 years for the last pair) and then buy the same ones again...
Wears this shoe: everywhere, all the time except in summer and when raining

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