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There is nothing ferocious about this shoe, so why name it Grizzly? I bought my frst pair ten years ago and literally walked the tread off. They fit perfectly with great arch support and warmth. Their profile is perfect under jeans of any cut.
I have been wearing this same shoe and buying replacements for many years when one pair wears out. I love the arch support and how it molds to your foot, plus the ease of wearing them. They are easy to slip on and off - and with such a nice heal cup they are comfortable to wear. To me, this is the "gold standard" of Haflingers. They don't all fit the same way, but this is the one that I have found to be consistently great over the years.
Wears this shoe: started out as slipper but has migrated beyond, especially when weather permits
This is my third or fourth pair. I have tried other brands, but KEEN wool clogs are the very best. They will look good for many years, even with heavy use. I wear these shoes anywhere I can get away with it. Also, they keep your feet warm during cold months.
I bought the shoe on my doctors recommendation, as I suffer from planter's facitius. They are awesome, great arch support, extremly comfortable to wear. I wear them 10-12 hours a day.
 I recently worked at an high-end shoe store. At that time, I discovered what a good arch support that the Briggs Sneakers have and I found that the shoes were a good fit for me. I found that by going a size bigger than normal, the arch fit me. That size has stayed true on every Briggs shoe that I've tried. I bought these shoes specifically for wearing around the house since I felt like I needed the support with my recent knee issues. These shoes are perfect for wearing around the house...They sit at my back door so that when I get home at night from work, I put them on immediately. They are also at my bedside so as soon as I get up, they are on. I love them!!!!

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