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Throw your flip flops in the nearest dustbin. Keen has offered very stylish and trendy sandal called Bali. It is a perfect summer footwear which not only provides comfort and quality but also offers a contoured foot bed. You would love to wear it while going out in steamy pool, on hot beach sand and even on uneven river rocks. Like other keen sandals, Bali also features an anti-odor AEGIS Microbe Shield which is treated with SBR lining that minimize the effect of fungus. There is an injected TPU toe post that provides extra comfort. It is behind the bumper.


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Once you wear Bali in your feet and you値l definitely become a fan of it forever. They are so comfy that you would forget about all the flip flops that you have been wearing. These sandals never make marks on your feet therefore they are the best for boating. Bali is heaven for the people with wide feet. Try Bali and you値l be hooked with Keen as it is going to caters the need of every member of your family. They are available in many colors. All the colors are equally fantastic and nice. You can select any color of your choice. Once you値l purchase them and you would wish to collect them in other colors too.

You can spend a great time in these sandals. Now you can go out in rain, outside the home or even at home. It is going to satisfy you no matter where ever you go.

Fuschia / Yellow Pumice Stone Baroque Rose Trooper / Surf Spray
It will never hurt your feet so now you can walk for miles with comfort. It is very light weight just like slippers. It is supportive and looks great too. Therefore it痴 the best thing to choose. It is sturdy and no rubbing any where. It always pad your steps therefore it is best for had surfaces. If your foot is hurt even then it will make you feel comfy and minimize the effect of pain.

You can wear it for years and it will never break. It will look nice with any casual dress. It is going to meet all your requirements. Comfort, style and durability is what every women want and it gives all of it to you. It has a great foot bed, provides extreme cushioning and support really well.

It is true to size and has an excellent fit. It is the favorite sandal of all the ladies who are looking for an extra ordinary sandal. Keen always makes the best shoes and Bali is one of its great creation. It looks so nice and trendy that even the girls can wear them at college or school and grab the attention of everyone. These are the one of the cutest flip flops you have ever worn. You can even buy them for your kids too in their size. You children will love it as they are available in very funky and stylish colors. If you want your child to live in comfort and never complaint about their shoes or feet then give them Bali. They値l take them on and forget their feet as Bali will protect them like a bodyguard. Try it and you値l also say that Bali is really adorable!!

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This is a fabulous shoe for anyone who is on the go. Wide toe box for comfort and big enough for fluffy wool socks when the weather is cold outside. And a great arch support. This is my second pair of Grizzlies. My first were a gift from my daughters. I wore them for almost six winters!
I just received my LATEST shipment of these AWESOME shoes!! Unlike some "comfort" shoes, these are actually CUTE!! I live where it doesn't get THAT cold...(compared to a lot of places)'t let the "wool" part in the description scare you away from these shoes!! OBVIOUSLY, you wouldn't wear them to the beach..but.. even if the temp. is in the 50's, I wear mine. "Go for them" won't regret it!! You WILL want more!!!
Not only my husband and I wear them all winter long, but now I have my 16 year old nephew hooked! They are very comfortable and last a long time. People with sweaty feet even like them! They don't start to smell like some other clogs we have owned.

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